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Information Literacy at IU Southeast: Library Instruction Policy

Use of LB 235

LB 235 is primarily designed for library instruction, so our policy in the beginning of the semester is to give first priority to library instruction.  In order to make sure we are able to get all of our library sessions scheduled, any non-library instruction use of the lab can only be requested 48 hours in advance of the date requested.   However, at the mid-semester point, the lab may be scheduled or non-library instruction use more than 48 hours in advance.  Contact Maria Accardi for requests to use LB 235. 


Instruction Policy

The Indiana University Southeast Library offers course-integrated instruction for IU S undergraduate and graduate students as well as instruction for high school groups from the surrounding community. The following policies are intended to provide students with high quality instruction delivered in an effective manner.


Instruction sessions should be scheduled at least one week in advance to allow sufficient time for dialogue between faculty and librarians and for preparation of instruction that is relevant to each class. To request a library instruction session, contact Maria Accardi, Coordinator of Instruction, at 812-941-2551 or

Classes will be held in the library’s instruction lab (LB 235) unless otherwise stated. Instructors are requested to attend these sessions along with their students. The Library's instruction lab is for instruction involving a library research component, with a librarian teaching the class.

Customizing Instruction

Librarians can customize instruction sessions to individual class needs.  It is helpful for students to have an assignment requiring use of library resources in order for them to receive the full benefit of attending a library instruction session.  The librarian assigned to teach your session will develop activities and presentations tailored to the coursework.

The librarian who will conduct your class should contact you by e-mail prior to the session to discuss details of what is to be covered during the students visit to the library. If you need to cancel or change the date/time of the instruction session, please contact the Coordinator of Instruction as soon as possible.

For further information, contact Maria Accardi, Coordinator of Instruction, at 812-941-2551 or



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