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Instruction Videos: Finding a Book

Users can learn to use library resources by watching screening videos about various topics.


-Hi there! To begin with, click on the "IUCAT Library Catalog" link under Find Information.

-You have two options to use the catalog. I recommend that you login first so that you can get access to electronic resources as well as your account.

-When you're on the basic search page, notice there are also other search options on the right, for example, periodical search and DVD search. Suppose you're looking for a book about multicultural education. I'm going to use “multicultural education” in the title field and see what happens.

-All the results are sorted by the publication date. Let’s choose the third title.

-You can find more information about this item such as the table of contents. Scroll down to "Holdings" and you need to write down the call number and the location. The IUS Library uses the Library of Congress Classification System and each item has its unique LC number. It's neat because once you find this book, you should see books in the same subject category around. Also, you need to know the location, and "Stacks" means the third floor of the library. To continue searching, just click on the "Go Back" button on the top left of the page and it will take you back to the result list.

-If you need to start over, click on the "New Search" button or simply scroll down to the bottom.