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Instruction Videos: Finding Full-text Articles

Users can learn to use library resources by watching screening videos about various topics.


-What if the article you are looking for is not available in the database? Let "360 link to full text" help you! Let me show you an example.

-On the left side of the page, click on the "360 link to full text". This link will take you to another database where the full-text article is available.

-In this case, you are directed to Emerald, and you should find the article both in the PDF as well as the HTML formats.

-If none of the databases have the article, the link will direct you to the "Full-text Journals A-Z List" page.

-Follow the second step and see if the library has the print copy of the journal. Otherwise, we encourage you to submit an inter-library loan request, it's fast and free!

How to find full-text articles in databases?