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Library Resources for AFRO-A249--African American Autobiography: Resources

This guide is designed to connect you with the resources you need for A249.

Library Resources

The IU Southeast Library has a wealth of resources to help you with your research.  We have:

  • Primary sources.  This includes memoirs, autobiographies, newspapers, interviews, and more.  In the context of literary research, a primary text or a primary source is the literary resource you are researching or analyzing. 
  • Secondary sources.  This includes scholarly books (called monographs) and scholarly journal articles that analyze and discuss works of literature and other primary sources.  Scholarly sources are a major resource used in literary research.  Scholarly journals are periodicals published for and by scholars and experts in a certain field.  In literature, these scholars are mostly academics who research and teach in literature and literary studies.  As you conduct your own research and write your papers, you will use scholarly articles to contexualize your argument in a scholarly conversation.   

Subject Guide