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Library Resources for Susan Dawson's W131: Helpful Databases for Historical Events or Persons

Designed to help you navigate library resources and evaluate information to make you savvy information consumers. Oh, and to help you with your assignments. Of course.

Why use a database?

The library subscribes to databases to provide access to periodical articles.  The content contained in these databases are typically not freely available on the internet.  You have to pay to get access to them.  But with an article database, the library is paying for that access for you.  That's why you have to go through the database to get the articles.

Don't ever pay to download an article from the internet--talk to a librarian, and we can more than likely get you a copy of the article at no charge to you.  That's what libraries do! 


360 Link to Full Text

Don't worry if the article you've found doesn't have a PDF or HTML version accessible. Click the link that says "Find Full Text" to prompt a search for that article across all of our databases. 


If if that still doesn't provide online access, request an interlibrary loan.