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Book Clubs Sponsored by IUS Library: Friday the 13th, Part 13: Jason Starts a Book Club

Are you interested in joining a book club? On this page you'll find a list of all the book clubs hosted at or on behalf of the IUS Library, as well as a list of other book clubs in the area. There's something for everyone on this page!

Details: Who, What, When, Where

Where/When: Our first meeting will be held Wednesday, October 9th at 7:30 pm in Library Room 230. 

Who: Hosted by student and tour guide extraordinaire Micah Smith. Sponsored by IUS Library. 

What: This book club is focused on horror literature and related topics, and it is free and open to all. 

A New Book Club for Horror Fans!

Welcome to our info page for the new horror-themed book club hosted by the IUS Library! We are excited to create a space for all of those who are interested in horror literature and/or related topics. This book club will meet on Wednesday, October 9th at 7:30 pm in Library Room 230. 

Book Club Info:

Contact Us

If you have questions about this book club, please reach out directly to the host, Micah Smith @ Got suggestions for titles to read? We'd love to hear them!