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Information Literacy Library Instruction for S100 and S154: Library Activity for Greg Robert's S154 Class

Credibility - Which Source Would You Choose?

Below are 6 sources related to the career of a forensic expert.  Take a few minutes to review each source and try to determine who wrote it, why you think they wrote it, and when it was written.

Which source would you use for:

1) A career paper on what a day in the life of a forensic expert is like

2) A research paper on forensic testimony in the court system

3) You wanted to know more about forensic science.

Library Tools to Help You Find Scholarly and Credible Sources on Careers

1. Occupational Outlook Handbook provides comprehensive overviews of hundreds of careers, including salary and educational preparation, about several professions. Do a keyword search to find an article about the career you're interested in.

2. Business Source Complete is a database that contains scholarly and popular articles about business--including research on careers. You can search here to find articles about the career you're interested in. One search you might try is to use the keywords "career satisfaction" along with the career you're researching.

3. Academic Search Premier is a database that contains scholarly and popular articles about many topics in many subject areas. If Business Source Complete does not provide you with useful results, try doing the same search in Academic Search Premier.

4. IUCAT is the library catalog. This search tool tells you what books we own and they are located. It also connects you to e-books available through our library. You can also search IUCAT to locate books owned by other IU libraries, and you can request that those books be sent to you.