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Library Resources for Biology: Guide to BioOne

This guide lists some basic information resources for research in biology.

Biosis Guide

Note that you can print the Biosis Guide by clicking "Print this page" on the lower right side of the Guide.

Beginner's Guide to BioOne



COVERAGE: Provides full-text coverage of  high-impact biological, ecological, and environmental science research journals.  Titles are added regularly. 


1.  Select Search from the menu across the top of the page. 

2. Type in the terms you are searching for in the appropriate boxes.  You may search by author (above the Select journal box) or keywords (below the Select Journal box).  Select All Journals or a specific journal  from the pull-down menu. If desired, select date range, or leave as All. 

3. To view the article at the Search Results page, click on "Full-text" and scroll down to read. 

4. To print the article, click on Full text at the citation, and use browser print option.  For PDF, wait for the article to download  into Acrobat Reader, click on the printer icon within the Acrobat screen, and then use your browser print option 

SPECIAL NOTE: There are links to some of the referenced articles and related resources in the text of the article and in the bibliography at the end of the article.  To connect to these resources, click on the blue citation.  

PLEASE NOTE THAT THESE ARE EXTREMELY BASIC INSTRUCTIONS.  FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION CONSULT ONLINE HELP, ASK AT THE REFERENCE DESK, OR CALL 941-2489.  Indiana University is an equal opportunity institution.  If you have a disability and need assistance, arrangements can be made to accommodate most needs.  Contact the Office of Services for Students with Disabilities at 941-2579.                                                          8/07   nt