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Library Resources for Biology: Finding Articles

This guide lists some basic information resources for research in biology.

Why use periodical articles?

Articles that appear in periodicals--such as newspapers, magazines, or scholarly journals--are good resources to use in your research.  You can use periodical articles to support an argument, to explain a topic, or to provide additional perspectives on an issue.

Why do I have to use a database to find an article?

The library subscribes to databases to provide access to periodical articles.  The content contained in these databases are typically not freely available on the internet.  You have to pay to get access to them.  But with an article database, the library is paying for that access for you.  That's why you have to go through the database to get the articles.

Don't ever pay to download an article from the internet--talk to a librarian, and we can more than likely get you a copy of the article at no charge to you.  That's what libraries do! 

Reference Books

Reference books, such as dictionaries and encyclopedias can help us learn new terms or look up a biography of a scientist.

Best Bests for L101

Additional Biology Databases

Finding An Article with a Citation

You've found an article you are interested in locating.  You need to see whether or not the Library has that journal full text. 

  1. We are going to use the "Full-Text Journals A-Z Search." 
  2. Underneath "Find journals by title or ISSN," next to "Title Begins With," type or cut and paste the title of the Journal (not the article title) in the search box. 
  3. The results list shows what years of the Journal are covered full-text in different databases, or in Print down on the Library's first floor Journal section.  Click on the year you need.
  4. On the Journal's homepage. Look for your year, volume, issue, then pages and article title.