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Art Research: Finding Books or Journals

For students of art history and art appreciation and studio fine arts classes that require library research.

IU Libraries System

Just because you are at IUS doesn't mean you are limited to the resources we have here in our library.  You can search in IUCAT to see what other IU libraries own.  If you find an item you want, and we don't have it here it IUS, but it's checked in at another IU library, you can request that it be sent here for you to check out.  Look for the "Request This" link in the record.

It can take 4-7 working days for an item to be sent here from another IU library, so don't wait until the last minute to begin your research. You want to allow for time just in case you want to take advantage of this service.

IUCAT: Indiana University's Online Library Catalog

IUCAT is the library catalog.  It is the tool that tells you what the library owns and where it is located.  You can use IUCAT to find books, journals, electronic books, and other resources. 

Think about your topic, and try to come up with a list of terms and concepts associated with that topic.  You can search IUCAT using those words by typing them into "keyword anywhere."  Use the word and to combine your terms.

Library of Congress Call Numbers for Art

Fine Arts (broader areas)

N   Visual Arts

NA  Architecture

NB  Sculpture

NC Drawing. Design. Illustration.

ND Painting

NE Print Media

NK Decorative Arts

NX Arts in General


For Graphic Design

Graphic Design section NC 997-998 

American Graphic Design: NC 998.5 
Graphic Design from other countries: NC 998.6
Graphic Designers: NC 998.6

Subject Areas

Bookbinding    Z 266-270
Color in Design    NK 1548
Design Patterns and Motifs    NK 1390-1476, 1530-1560
Design Theory and Writings    NK 1505 - 1520
Graphic Novels    PN 6700 - 6790
Information Design    NK 1510
Motion graphics    NC 997, TR 897.7…
Wayfinding    NC 1002

Design of…
    Books    Z 4-116
    Brochures    NC 1002 .P7
    Business Cards    HF, NE 965
    Greeting Cards    NC 1860-1878
    Letterheads    HF, NC 1003
    Logos and Trademarks    NC 1002-3, T 223-325
    Magazines    Z 246, Z 253.3
    Packaging    HF, TS 195
    Posters    NC 1805-1850
    Postcards    NC 1860-1878
    Record covers    NC 1882

Typography and print design section Z 244-246