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IU Southeast ScholarWorks: IU Southeast ScholarWorks

What is IU Southeast ScholarWorks and Why Should I Archive My Research There?

IU Southeast ScholarWorks is an electronic archive of the intellectual and creative output of Indiana University.  By signing a repository license, you are granting IU Southeast the right to make your research and/or creative work publicly available.  Signing the repository license does not specifically prevent you from publishing the materials or using portions thereof as you choose.  The intention is to give IU Southeast adequate clearances to make your work available on the web, rather than exclusive rights.  By signing the repository license, you retain copyright to your work, subject to the terms in the license.  The complete text of the license is available here:    

Top 3 Reasons to Deposit Your Research and/or Creative Work into the IU Southeast ScholarWorks Repository:

  1. Increases the visibility of your research and/or creative works.

By including your work in ScholarWorks, you are enabling world-wide accessibility via search engines like Google and Bing. Your content is discoverable from a variety of locations and methods with no extra work on your part.

  1. Guarantees permanence.

ScholarWorks assigns stable, permanent URLs to your work so you can always find it.  These URLs can be used to illustrate your research and/or creative works when applying for jobs, graduate school, and more.

  1. Ensures quick, efficient archiving of your work.

You’ve worked hard on your projects; all that’s required for archiving is a signed copyright release form.  IU Southeast will ensure that your work is made available, preserved, and the proper attribution is included.

Have More Questions about IU Southeast ScholarWorks? 

Contact IU Southeast Library’s Coordinator of Electronic Resources, Kate B. Moore at
812-941-2189 or