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POLYS 376 International Political Economy: Exploring Countries & Economic Data

Where to start for Economic Data



Let's start by identifying a country and looking for economic data for that country.  I'll start by showing you resources to use for this task. 

  1. First, let's look at the CIA World Factbook to brainstorm countries and get general information.
  2. Second, let's look at World Bank Data.
  3. Then, let's look at data that is available through OECD.
  4. Finally, let's look at data that is available through IMF or IFS data
  5. Now, with your partner or group, take 5-10 minutes to use these resources to find economic indicator data for a specific country
  6. Be ready to share about:
    1. What economic indicators did you search?
    2. What resource did you find most useful? Why?
    3. What was the easiest to use?