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Business BUS-X 220 and X 410 Career & Company Research: Home

Helps students locate career and business company information from Library resources.


This guide is designed to help connect you to library resources you need for X220.  Use the tabs at the top of the page to navigate to each section.  

If you have any questions or you get stuck, please contact a reference librarian at 812.941.2489, or you can contact me directly--see the box with my information on the right.   

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How useful is this guide?
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Researching with Business Databases & Resources

Knowing how to search for and apply business information can put you at a competitive advantage--as a student completing coursework, researching an internship, preparing for an interview, or developing a new product or service for your clients when you are a professional in the field.

The IU Southeast Library subscribes to many excellent business resources that will help you be successful on your assignments now, and into the future.

Please contact a librarian if you have any questions or concerns using these resources--the Reference Desk is (812) 941-2489.