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A collection of library resources to help you with your creative writing research.


This guide is designed to point you towards library resources for your creative writing courses and research.

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Creative Writing

creative writing n. writing which displays imagination or invention (sometimes differentiated from academic, journalistic, or other forms of writing which are more constrained in style or scope); also freq. (orig. U.S.) as a subject of study.

1837   R. W. Emerson Oration before Phi Beta Kappa Soc. 11   One must be an inventor to read well... There is then creative reading, as well as creative writing.
1889   Dial Sept. 94/1   Does it in truth rest entirely, or even mainly, with the elevate criticism to its rightful place, very near to creative writing itself?
1922   R. C. Holliday & A. Van Rensselaer Business of Writing 100   Then, actually, there is comparatively small demand for creative writing.
1930   Eng. Jrnl. 19 635   Courses in creative writing.
1958   Oxf. Mag. 4 Dec. 164/2   In America..established, or at any rate committed, writers have been absorbed, permanently or temporarily, into the apparatus of creative writing workshops.
1991   Nation (N.Y.) 23 Sept. 338/1   The school's small rooms were alive with activity—hands-on use of scientific and mathematical materials and lots of creative writing and art work.
Source: Oxford English Dictionary

Creative Writing

1947 Books, Sculpture

Jason Seley, 1947 Books (1983)

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