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Bicentennial Summer Institute: Program

The Indiana Bicentennial Institute is planned to incorporate one or more educator from each of Indiana’s 92 counties in a campus-based professional development program sponsored by ten IN based professional education organizations.

Detailed Program

Monday, July 13—Focus on History, Geography and Economics

Breakfast in Lodge Kitchen sponsored by GENI

8:30 AM—Theme Highlight of the Day—DVD from Falls of Ohio State Park, “Indiana’s First Landscape”  

                    Overview and Instructions for the Day; Orders for Brown Bag Lunch by Claudia Crump

9:00 AM—Feature Speaker—Sheryl Hartman “Piankanashaw: Indiana’s First Citizens”

9:45 AM—Choice of Presentations In preparation for coming Sites:

Breakout Session 1. “Native Americans” Session continued for Youth/Guardians by Sheryl Hartman

Breakout Session 2.  “Hoosier Architecture” by Laura Renwick of Indiana Landmarks

Breakout Session 3.  “Voices of Hoosier Women of the World,” First Persons by Carolyn Diener and Claudia Crump

Breakout Session 4.   “Indiana: Its Geological Space—Locally, Statewide, Nationally and World Views” by Peter Galvin   


                         10:45 AM—Car Caravan to Falls of the Ohio (following bathroom break)


11: 30 AM—“Introduction of the Falls” by Director Kelley Morgan

11:45 AM—“Exploration of Fossil Beds” by Staff Volunteers

12:45 PM—Box Lunch in Picnic Area (Required reservations taken at 8:30 AM)


                        1:15 PM—Car Caravan to Clark Park


1:30 --At GPS Marker: “Significance of Marker and Park” by Kelley Morgan;

Division into 4 Groups for 25-minute sessions and rotations to Sites at 2:00 PM; at 2:30 PM; at 3:00 PM; at 3:30 PM

Group 1—George Rogers Clark Cabin for “Meeting Mrs. Clark,” 1st Person Impersonation by Mandy Dick (with all Youth and Guardians)

Group 2—Slave Cabin for “Local African American History at McGee Cabin” by Jeanne Burke

Group 3—“Front Porch Geography and History” by Carl Kramer

Group 4—“Exploring Economics  in Indiana History” by Jeff Sanson

2:45  PM—Youth Group and Guardians leave rotations to join session for rehearsing roles of  L&C Trials of the Trail  at 4 PM with Mandy Dick in preparation for  Evening Presentation to entire group in Library.

2:45 PM—Options for PM—Teams return to campus for Planning Option or continue with choice of Options 2-6 and others available on binder map)

Option 1 – Planning Option at IUS with Consultants from earlier presentations

Option 2—“Exploring the Falls”—Remain at the Falls of Ohio Park for further exploration

Option 3—“Making Redhots” at  Schimpff’s Candy Shop and Museum, Historical Family Business by Jill Schimpff—Owner

Option 4—“Crusing the River” at the Howard Steamboat Mansion and Museum by local curator

Option 5—“Fires of the Past” at the Vintage Fire Museum with Dr. Curt Peters and Pam Peters

Option 6—“River Walk overlooking the Falls Cities (OYO)

Dinner (OYO)

7 PM--Return to Campus in Library and CCR for Planning Sessions by groups or individuals:

Planning Consultants Carl Kramer, Jeff Sanson and others available at IUS Library and CCR



 Tuesday, July 14—AM Sessions—Focus on Civics and History

Breakfast in Lodge Kitchen sponsored by GENI or at IUS Food Court (OYO)

8:30 AM—Theme Feature for the Day—Mrs. Pennington-“From Cabin, to Capture, to Capitol”--story told in 1st person by Mandy Dick  acting as  Elizabeth, Dennis Pennington’s wife, who was captured by Natives as a child, found by her brother, and later married to a leader of Indiana’s statehood in Corydon

9:00 AM—Overview and Instructions for the Day


                9:20 AM—Car Caravans to Corydon with route, capital map, and historical script for sharing during travel via Interstate 64  


All Youth and Guardians remain with Groups as scheduled for rotations as scheduled in assigned Groups on rotations at 10:10-11:05; 11:10-12:05; 12:10-1:05; 1:10-2:25:

Group 1—Old Capitol (Drive to Cabin)

Group 2—Constitution Elm and William Henry Harrison Cabin (Private residence) (Drive to Brown School)

Group 3—Brown School (Lunch) (Drive to Governor’s Home)

Group 4—Governor’s Home/Gift Shop/Restrooms at Visitor’s Center

2:30—reassemble at the Wright Interpretative Center for a chat and summary with Karen Schwartz, President of the Harrison County Historical Society

3:30—Shopping, Restroom Break and Ice Cream Shopping

4-6:30 PM Continued with Focus on Economics and Geography: Reload in Caravan to Beck’s Mill and Cookout (Reservations only made at 8:30 Session) with iron kettle Hoosier Stew; bring a can of Indiana vegetables or fruits for the meal; or continue OYO in individual cars for choice of Optional Sites for rest of afternoon and dinner; or return to IUS for planning in the CCR/Library:

Option 1—Historical Marker Scavenger Hunt for Rubbings of Area (many markers for John Hunt Morgan in Corydon and Salem areas-OYO

Option 2—John Hunt Morgan Civil War Park-OYO

Option 3—O‘Bannon Park in Harrison National Forest -OYO

Option 4—Marengo Cave-OYO

Option 5—Horseshoe Casino for Entertainment and Dinner-OYO

Options 6 and 7—Huber’s Winery or Huber’s Family Farm Restaurant for Dinner-OYO

Option 8—Fred Griffin Genealogy Library-OYO

Option 9—Harrison Public Library-OYO- Meet Vi Eckart and Tour her model library!


7 PM or Earlier —Return to Campus in Library and CCR for Planning Sessions by groups or individuals

Planning; Planning Goal:  To identify major features, sites and events for county map and timeline


Wednesday, July 15Focus on Economics/Geography/History

8:15 AM—All Groups:  Departure from IUS Campus in Individual cars or Car Caravans to Carnegie Center for Art and History

8:30 AM—Park between Bank and Pearl Streets or lot behind Carnegie Center; enter lower level from Bank St. Entrance.

8:45 AM—ALL Groups:  Breakfast Buffet , Greetings by Dave Barksdale (Floyd County Historian) and introduction of New Albany Bicentennial Video

9 AM—New Albany Bicentennial Video with commentary by leaders

9:30 AM – Introductions of New Albany Planners and Tour Leaders by Dave—Group Tours --Sally Newkirk, Director of Carnegie Center of Art and History; Laura Renwick (Downtown Architectural Tour) and Greg Sekula (Culbertson and PM Option of Mansion Row Street Tour), both with Indiana Landmarks.


                                   Assignments by Caravans or walking for Group Sites beginning/departing at 9:45-10:40; 10:50-11:45; and 11:55-12:45


Group 1—Caravan Departure to Culbertson Mansion  hosted by Greg Sekula and Jessica Stavros  (Arrive in cars ; park on street in front or to left of Mansion; after tour of Mansion depart and drive to “ Y” Parking Lot;  leave cars and walk to meeting in front of Scribner House for architectural tour). 

Group 2—Meet Laura for Architectural Street Features Tour at Main and Bank Streets.; after tour walk to Museum on Spring and Bank; then walk to chosen ethnic restaurant for lunch.

Group 3—Remain in Museum with Sally; other groups return for later tours to be guided by Sally. 

All Groups:  1 PM—Explore local Ethnic Eateries for lunch with an eye on the clock for 2:30; if not parked in Y Lot, do so now for PM tours following lunch.

2:00-2:25—All Groups—Gather at the Town Clock Church for its story about escaping slaves and the Underground Railroad by Pam Peters and Jerry Finn.

2:30— Choice of Options for PM:

             Choice 1: Mansion Row with Greg by continuing along Main Street from church.


             Choice 2:  Fairview Cemetery with Guides by following Dave’s Red Mustang and parking within the Cemetery grounds for mini lessons for using cemeteries. 

3:30—Assemble in Caravans for return to IUS Campus.

4:00--PM --Arrival at IUS Campus for PM Session in UC Conference Area Resource Session or CCR

4:35-5:30 PM— General Session on Resources by Katie Springer, State Data Center Coordinator, for Indiana State Library                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

6:30 PM— Dinner (OYO in Food Court, Lodge Dining Room or fast food restaurants close to campus)

7:15 PM or earlier—Team Planning and Research—in CCR and Library with Consultants and Planning Team

Goal:  Revised Media draft of model for county map and timeline; drafts of strategies in preparation for sharing on Thursday AM (Updated plans can be submitted after returning home until a given deadline date for production of map and timeline.)

8:30 PM— Theme Highlight of Evening in Great Room of Lodge:  Pizza Farewell Party and Strolling “Stories from People and Places” —featuring Youth Group wearing outlined capes of homes or poster boards of rubbings from cemetery and historical markers (Scribner House, other Historic Buildings, John Hunt Morgan rubbings, Corydon Cemetery Rubbings, and others—each telling selected site stories of about 3 minutes while strolling among the groups)


Thursday, July 16—Featuring Sharing and Planning of Future Events

Light breakfast in Lodge Kitchen or at IUS Food Court (OYO) (Clean refrigerator)

8:00 AM— Packing and Checkout (May leave bags in cars or wait to checkout between 1:15-3:15 PM) Post-Conference tourists may remain in lodge until Sunday PM.

8:30 AM— Celebrating Indiana’s Bicentennial by IUS Chancellor Ray Wallace followed by a charge to Institute Participants from each Planning Partner:  GENI, ICEE, ICSS,  Corydon’s Brown School and CCR/IUS

9:15 AM— Introduction of Authors Dr. Linda Gugin and Jim St. Clair sharing their new book, to be published in November by Indiana Historical Society; joined with brief 1st person biographical sketches by Youth

10:00 AM— Round Table Sharing by Participants—Deposit of nametags for drawing of Special Prizes

11:00 AM— Lunch Buffet and a Teaching Team of Charles Moman and Neil Brewer sharing a lively summary session of music and drama created for celebrating the Bicentennial (Not to be missed!)

12:15 PM— Parting Words and Certificates for Institute Educators and Youth by Chancellor

1:00 PM—On Your Safe Way:   Be sure to schedule local training sessions and attend the GENI and ICSS Con