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First Year Seminar Information Literacy Library Instruction: Finding a scholarly article on your topic

This guide is designed to be used in FYS information literacy library instruction sessions.

Exploring and Using Academic Search Complete

The next component of your information literacy assignment asks you to find a scholarly article on the same or similar topic of your Wikipedia article using a library database called Academic Search Complete. The link to Academic Search Complete is right below this box.

Using the keywords you brainstormed with your partner or group in the previous tab, conduct a search on the topic of college students and FOMO. Make sure to use the word and to combine your keywords. For example, one possible search phrase might be college students and fear of missing out. You could also try using FOMO as a keyword.

Appoint someone in your group the notetaker and prepare to present to the class your findings for the following questions:

  1. What search phrase did you try?
  2. How many search results did you find?
  3. How do you limit your results to find scholarly, peer-reviewed sources?
  4. If you had to choose one article to use for your assignment, which one would you choose, and why?

Be prepared to demonstrate your search and share your responses to these questions with the class!


Link to Academic Search Complete is below