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Diversity in Graphic Novels and Comics: Titles A-Z

Resources to help you locate, create and learn more about graphic novels with diversity themes in the IU Southeast Library collections.

Why Use Graphic Novels?


Graphic Novels and Comics tell stories.  Their visual, graphic narratives, draw their readers along to find out what happens in the next speech bubble, the next frame, the next page.  Storytelling is a part of human experience.  Visual images can be more descriptive than simple text in engaging and challenging the reader.

Near Universal Appeal

Comics and graphic novels are found internationally.  They are produced by small presses and the largest publishing companies.  As children, many of us created our own one of a kind comics when we learned how to draw speech bubbles above our heads, to give voice to the important things we wanted to say.

They work!

Students may feel more comfortable discussing challenging issues about themselves and their world when they can engage in discussion about characters in a comic.  Writing a personal memoir or narrative can be easier when the comic medium is used by the writing student to tell their stories.


Why does all knowledge acquisition have to take place from an overpriced textbook?  Graphic novels are being written on subjects across all disciplines. They don't have to be the primary text, but supplementing with comics and graphic novels may make for a more engaged learner in the classroom.

Diversity Graphic Novels A-Z by Title