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Previous Art Gallery Exhibits in the IU Southeast Library

This page provides information about previous art gallery exhibits that were displayed in the IU Southeast Library Art Gallery

"If You're Going, Take the Moon" by Jeremy Brightbill

Recent paintings by Jeremy Brightbill

Show Dates: Tuesday, March 5, 2019 - Monday May 13, 2019

Reception: Friday, April 12, 5-7 p.m.

These small canvas works by artist Jeremy Brightbill show a pattern of experimentation with several techniques (sometimes one per piece, sometimes a couple together, and on occasion, several at once), inter-playing with and pulling against each other in what should be a counter-intuitive result. The intent here is to approach and embrace any kind of harmony to counteract the constant chaos and despair of this world. We do what we can and must.

The artist revels in the unknowable and unreachable, often ruining a piece and then figuring out how to un-ruin it. There is a joy and playfulness to these things, underpinning a darker uncertainty and apprehension of what is yet to come.

It is the artist’s hope that the viewer feels something evocative (or anything at all) in this series, and that some kind of connection was made, fleeting or not.

Jeremy Brightbill currently resides and works in Louisville, KY.


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Abstract art painting, "I'm probably more of lukewarm mess these days"

I'm probably more of lukewarm mess these days


Abstract art painting, "Do you treat everyone like this or is it just me?"

Do you treat everyone like this or is it just me?


abstract art painting, "Part of a History Erased"

Part of a history erased