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Library Resources for D510: Searching for Information

This guide is designed to connect students in D510 to resources needed for library research.

Searching for Information on your Topic

Step 1:  Using the search queries you came up with on the previous page, conduct searches in one of the article databases you identified to locate articles on your topic.  If you do not get any results, try rephrasing your search using the list of words you generated on the previous page.   

 Step 2:   Review the first few search results by reading the titles, abstracts, and subject headings of each citation.  How can this information be useful to you at this stage of your research?  What clues are available to help you determine quality, credibility, and relevance to your information need?

Step 3:  Experiment with the search limiters available (e.g. limit by date range, full-text only, etc.) and conduct a new search.  How do these limiters affect your search results? 

Step 4:   Try using AND to add in another search term.  For example, if your initial query was video games and violence, try video games and violence and adolescents.  What additional term did you use, and how did the addition of this term affect your search results?   

Step 5:   Choose one relevant article from your search results.  How did you determine its relevance?  Can you use any of this information to conduct new searches? 

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