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Center for Cultural Resources - Middle East: Middle East

Countries Included

Welcome to the Middle Eastern Resources Page!

Resources include kits with artifacts, teaching resources, and information about the region.

Countries included are: Cyprus, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman,  Saudi Arabia, Syria, United Arab Emirates , Yemen, Bahrain,  Qatar

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Peoples of the Middle East

Iranian women attend soccer match

Image result for iranian women

Israeli Defense Force Soldiers

Image result for idf

Policewomen in Dubai, UAE

Image result for united arab emirates police

Saudi Arabian Women

Image result for saudi arabian women

Lebanese Pride Celebration

Image result for lebanese pride

Useful Links


Flag of Cyprus

Image result for cyprus flag

Flag of Iran

Image result for iran flag

Flag of Iraq

Image result for iraq flag

Flag of Israel

Image result for israel flag

Flag of Jordan

Image result for jordan flag

Flag of Kuwait

Image result for kuwait flag

Flag of Lebanon

Image result for lebanon flag

Flag of Oman

Image result for oman flag

Flag of Saudi Arabia

Image result for saudi arabia flag

Flag(s) of Syria

Image result for syria flag

Image result for syria flag

Flag of the United Arab Emirates

Image result for united arab emirates flag

Flag of Yemen

Image result for yemen flag

Flag of Bahrain

Image result for bahrain flag

Flag of Qatar

Image result for qatar flag


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