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Center for Cultural Resources - Middle East: Israel

Kit Information

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This kit consists of 1 container of artifacts, 1 container of resources based on the universal 12 themes and a book bag.

This kit consists of items from Israel as well as items from the Jewish-American community.


Hanukkah Story Cube

Skull Cap Worn by Orthodox Jewish Men


Green Yammukah

Handmade Menorah

Jewish Holidays Tapestry

Olivewood Gift

Israeli Defense Force knapsack

Happy Hanukkah Candle

Miniature Wooden Chalices

Embroidered Cotton Dress

Small Rug

Jewish Holiday Songs for Children

Bag of Dead Sea salt

Artifacts Not Pictured

  • 2 pcs. of Bazooka Gum
  • Can of Gefilte Fish
  • Chanukah Candles
  • Cheese and Cherry Blintzes (Box)
  • Coca Cola Can
  • Coconut Macaroons
  • Flag of Israel
  • Hanukkah Candles
  • "I Love Israel" Pin
  • Jewish New Year Cards
  • Kedem
  • Matzot Crackers
  • Mineral Bath Salts
  • Natural Dead Sea Bubble Bath
  • Wedding Program


All About Hanukkah by Judy Groner & Madeline Wikler

At the Table of Israel by Sandy Lesberg

Celebrate! Stories of the Jewish Holidays by Gilda Berger

The Eight Nights of Hanukkah by Judy Nayer

Hanukkah by Roni Schotter

Latkes and Applesauce: A Hanukkah Story by Fran Manushkin

The Lost and Found Wallet by Mayer Bendet and Yaffa Leba Gottlieb

Luba: The Angel of Bergen-Belsen by Michelle R. McCann & Luba Tryszynska-Frederick

The Magic Dreidels: A Hanukkah Story by Erie A. Kimmel

Moments in Jewish Life: The Folk Art of Malcah Zeldis by Yona McDonough

Pathways Through the Jewish Holidays by Sulamith Ish-Kishor

Salmon Moon by Mark Karlins

The Stone Lamp: Eight Stories of Hanukkah Through History by Karen Hesse & Brian Pinkney


Kit 1: Take a trip to Israel! This kit provides a hands-on travel experience without leaving your classroom. Using the twelve unity themes, experience Israel through various maps, artifacts, books, and colorful representations that depict a culture rich in history and traditions.

Kit 2: Get hands-on experience with numerous artifacts that add visuals to aid in student learning. Kit includes an inventory list of resources.

Ancient Israel Maps

The Holy Land

The Land of Caanan

Palestina Sancta Terra-siue

Sancta Terra

Map of Jerusalem

Twelve Tribes of Israel

Map of Jews’ Exodus from Egypt


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I am a Secondary Education major with a concentration in Social Studies. My goal is to become a high school world history teacher.

Taylor Myers

I am a secondary education major with a concentration in historical perspectives and economics. My goal is to become a high school world history & economics teacher, helping students to develop critical thinking skills and to learn about the world around them.