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Center for Cultural Resources - Africa: Egypt

Includes EGM Egypt and the Mediterranean and EOG Eyes on Egypt

EGM Kit - This kit consists of 1 container of artifacts, 1 container of resources based on the universal 12 themes and a book bag.

EOG Kit - This kit consists of 1 container of artifacts to be used mainly for display purposes.

Kit 1: This kit offers a wide variety of materials that can be found to help aid in teaching about Egypt including a teacher binder full of lesson plans, maps, and photographs. More than enough to highlight Ancient Egypt’s important figures such as King Tutankhamen and Nefertiti. This kit also includes information that is relevant with each of the 12 Unity Themes allowing your students to gain a vast working knowledge about the Egyptian civilization.

Kit 2: This kit offers numerous artifacts that represent Egyptian culture and customs. Several mini replicas of pharaohs and tomb figures are included. These artifacts are conducive to creating a more lifelike relevant learning experience.



Flag Of Egypt

Image result for flag of egypt

Map of Egypt

Map of Egypt

Egypt Location In Africa

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