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Center for Cultural Resources - Asia: Asia

Resources on Asia from the Center for Cultural Resources, Indiana University Southeast Library

Welcome to Asia!

Asia is a vibrant continent boasting 4.463 billion people, making it the largest and most populous of all the continents. 

Asia World Area

ASIA (Pink)

A. *China (CHA) and Walls and Warriors of China (WWC)

B. *China and neighbors (CHN)

 C.  *Japan: Primary (JA-1)

 D. *Japan: Intermediate (JA-2)

 E.  *Japan: Advanced (JA-3)

 F. India and neighbors (INN) - organized by countries in kit 1 of 2; shared artifacts in kit 2 of 2

G. South Central Asia (ACS) - organized by countries in kit 1 of 2; shared artifacts in kit 2 of 2

  1.  Afghanistan
  2.  Kazakhstan
  3.  Kyrgyzstan
  4.  Pakistan
  5.  Tajikistan
  6.  Turkmenistan
  7.  Uzbekistan

H. South East Asia (ASE)- Kit 1 of 2 organized by locations; Kit 2 of 2 shared artifacts

  1. Bangladesh
  2. Bhutan
  3. Burma
  4. Cambodia
  5. Indonesia
  6. Laos
  7. Malaysia
  8. Nepal
  9. North Korea
  10.  New Guinea
  11.  Philippines
  12. South Korea
  13. Sri Lanka
  14. Thailand
  15. Vietnam
  16. Myanmar
  17. Singapore

I. Thailand (SAT) - organized by countries in kit 1 of 2; shared artifacts in kit 2 of 2

Useful Links

Flags of Asia

Flag of Sri Lanka

Flag of Uzbekistan

Flag of China

Flag of Bangladesh

Flag of Bhutan

Flag of Maldives

Flag of Pakistan

Flag of Afganistan

Flag of Japan

Flag of Kyrgyzstan

Flag of Tajikistan

Flag of Turkmenistan

Flag of India

Flag of Thailand

Flag of Vietnam

Flag of Laos

Flag of Nepal

Flag of Myanmar

Flag of East Timor

Flag of Brunei

Flag of Cambodia

Flag of Indonesia

Flag of Philippines

Flag of Singapore

Flag of Malaysia

Map of Asia, Courtesy of Lonely Planet

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Kit Resources

Fish Windsock from Japan

Car and Bicycle Horn from India

Currency from Thailand

Jewelry Box from Korea

Egg-Shaped Box from Korea

Fan from Japan

Teapot from China