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G207 Current Events & Journals: Home

This guide is designed to support Joanne Juett's G207 students to locate current event articles and journals related to their majors.

Journals for your Major

Keeping up on current events in your major can help you do better in your classes, have more to contribute to discussions, give you ideas for things you can apply in the workforce, and make you a better professional in your field.  A journal is a professional periodical (looks like a magazine or scholarly journal or maybe even a newspaper or an electronic newsletter).

It's easy to browse journal titles by subject.

On the Library's homepage, under the purple Find Information box, click on Full-text Journals A-Z List.

Then, on the Full-Text Journals A-Z page, look at the "Browse e-journals by subject" section, and select your subject from the pull-down menu which says: "--Please select a subject category--" and then hit the Search button.

The journal subjects will be broken down into categories and will have a number in parenthesis, like (42).  That means there are 42 journal titles about that subject.  There may be multiple journals available that would help you keep up in your major.


Browsing Databases by Subject

Sometimes you want to search for an article on a certain topic in your major, and you want to search multiple journals at once.

From the Library's home page, click on Article & Database Search, and then click on the "Databases by Subject" tab after the alphabet.

Click on the Subject and then on the database that sounds like it is most relevant.

Current Event Resources