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Center for Cultural Resources - North America: Native Americans - Plains & Woodlands

Kit Information

This kit consists of 1 container of artifacts, 1 container of resources based on the universal 12 themes and a book bag.

Kit Contents

Item AR14:   Gourd: Medium sized gourd. Used for holding water, grain: Useful to demonstrate storage techniques/ using something natural.

AR 6:  Medium Two-Sided Drum. made of felt and cardboard:  Useful to demonstrate music/art/ how they stretched animal skin

AR 9:  Bone and bell shaker: Carved and painted:  Would be useful for demonstrating Native American Rituals/Dances/ Art, also useful how Native Americans used nature to created tools and objects of importance in their culture. 

AR 5:  Carved feather in cottonwood:  Useful to teach art and significant of nature in culture:  They had time to make art, demonstrates a thriving society.

AR 15 (2):  Dream Catcher:  Useful to show spiritual beliefs.  Useful to teach about cultural/ and spiritual connections to natural world/ Also shows artistic design using items from the world around them. 

AR 18:  Small Drum Shaker:   Wrapped with animal hide and leather band:  Useful for demonstrating spiritual/ rituals/ Art.

AR 19: Miniature Drum: ​Useful for demonstrating art. 

AR 11:  Arrowheads:  ​collection of arrowheads, some broken, made from various types of stone/ glass obsidian:  Useful for demonstrating hunting techniques and tool making.

AR 4:  ​Native American Doll:  ​Useful for teaching cultural beliefs and thriving society. 

AR 20:  ​Sage/ Medicine/ V​apor: Useful to demonstrate spiritual beliefs/ supernatural beliefs/ and medicinal practices. 

AR 13:  ​Beads and Porcupine Quills Earring (broken):  ​Useful to demonstrate cultural style, using natural world around them to create art and fashion. 

AR 22:  ​Small Clay Corn Bowl:  Useful for maybe grinding herbs and grain.

AR 24:  ​Doll/ Winter:  ​showing use of animal skin for protection from the elements. 

AR 16:  ​Native American Blanket (Replica):  ​Northern Cheyenne and Crow Tribes: ​Useful for demonstrating cultural art native to the region. 

AR 8: ​Letter from Labre School, Native American School. ​Includes packets of seeds; corn, beans, and squash. Tells spiritual story of cycle of life of seeds as "three sisters".

AR 12: ​Replica Moccasins (miniature): ​Doll sized Native American Sioux moccasins, leather and beads.

Book Bag Contents

Kit Content Images

Author Bio

Aric Miller and Brian Robinson