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Center for Cultural Resources - North America: Amish

Kit Information

This kit consists of 1 container of artifacts, 1 container of resources based on the universal 12 themes and a book bag.


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Kit Contents

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Inside Artifact Kit: 

  1. An Amish Boy Doll 
  2. Five Horseshoes
  3. A Wooden Buggy and Horse
  4. A Wooden Goose Ornament 
  5. Two Dutch  Blitz Games 
  6. An Amish Buggy License Plate 
  7. A Buggy Sun Catcher
  8. A Pennsylvania Dutch Sticker Cover     Image result for amish countryside
  9. A Dutch Hex Sign 
  10. A Printed Picture 
  11. An Amish Bonnet
  12. Media Book 
    1. Eleven pages of Photographs 
    2. Two Pages of Post Cards 
    3. One bag of Loose Post Cards 
    4. Three Picture Magazines 
    5. Heritage Trail CD 

Inside the Book Bag: 

  1. The Shunning 
  2. The Confession 
  3. The Folks in the Valley 
  4. Rosanna's Boys 
  5. Hazel's People 
  6. Daughter of the Plain Folk 

Amish in Indiana

Figure 3: Number of Amish Adherents by Indiana County, 2010