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Center for Cultural Resources - North America: Covered Wagon

Kit Information

There are 3 sets of this kit which features a covered wagon and items a family might choose to take on their westward journey, along with teaching resources.


Teacher Notebook

Rate of Toll sign

Items for Covered Wagon

Associates Manual

Wagon and cow

Book Bag Contents

Kit Contents

1. Covered Wagon: Simulation; Teacher Notebook for Resource and Artifact Kit; Contents: Introduction to Cultural Kits for Teachers and Students; Background Readings; Lesson Plans; Additional Resources

2. Covered Wagon with hoops and canvas // Wagon kit #1: complete wagon // Wagon kit #2: Wagon bed only // Wagon kit #3: Wagon bed only

3. Rate of Toll sign. 

4. Wagon Supply List: armoire, axes, barrel, Bible, Wool Blanket, Books, Bucket, Butter Churn, Candlestand, candlesticks, ladderback chair, hutch cabinet, deacon's bench, desk and bench, dutch oven, silverware, farm tools, fiddle and bow, provisions (salt/sugar/flour/wheat/seed/corn/corn meal bags), pottery jug, lamb's wool, mattress, mirror, oxen, ox yoke, ceramic pitcher and basin, pots, pans and skillets, flintlock rifle and power horn, quilt, rope, rug (braided), saws, spinning wheel, table (pedestal), linen tablecloth, wash tub, wagon jack, wash board, wheelbarrow, 

5. Associates Manual.  Includes description of each item in the simulation. 

Lesson Plans