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Center for Cultural Resources - Pacific: Australia

Includes Australia, Oceania & Antarctica

Kit contents and notes.

This kit consists of 1 container of artifacts, 1 container of resources based on the universal 12 themes and a book bag.


Australia Lesson Plan


Northern Territories State Flag

State Flag

Swag Hat

Bark Paintings

Bush Flowers

Wood Carvings


Handkerchief - Maori Design

Necklace Beads and Carved Mother of Pearl

Carved Boomerang

Screen Printed Fabric

Vegemite Sample

Coral from Great Barrier Reef

Wool Sample

Bullroarer - Musical Instrument

Mother of Pearl Necklace

Rocks from Coober Perdy Opal Mines

Useful Links


Ocean, land, and map books

Books about land and wildlife


Two Children's Picture Books

Kit and Book Bag Contents

Kit 1: This kit offers a wide variety of picture books, magazines, maps, and pamphlets. These provide colorful images and graphics that give details to the inner life and workings of Australia. They also give researchers the tools needed to learn all about the twelve themes of unity within Australia. The teacher notebook in this kit contains ideas for educators to use the artifacts in their classroom.

Kit 2: This kit contains artifacts from Australia. The media notebook contains: a map of Australia, over 30 postcards, currency notes and coin, stamps, and fact cards. Other objects in the kit are: a resource unit, a “Birds of Australia” mug, a stuffed koala toy, a stuffed kangaroo toy, a shell necklace, mined opal rocks, an Australian flag, a Northern Territory flag, an “I Love Australia” tea towel, aboriginal clap sticks, an aboriginal bark painting cloth, the Australian Dunny cloth, a Bahia cloth, an Australian swagman hat, an aboriginal desert animal wooden carving, a kangaroo cloth, a pennant, a cup box (coozie), a boomerang, an Australian clear rock, a screen printed fabric, an Australian Bush Flower cloth, finger puppets, 2 aboriginal handkerchiefs, a towel, vegemite, coasters, a busk mint box, aboriginal bullroarer, a penny keyring, a mother of pearl necklace, sheep wool, Ayers Rock area soil, Great Barrier Coral Reef, and a variety of posters and maps.

The Flag

flag of Australia

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Flag of Australia. (2019, January 24). Retrieved from

Australia's Geography

Download Australia Geographical Features Map. (n.d.). Retrieved from


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