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Center for Cultural Resources - Pacific: Fiji & Pacific Islands

Includes Australia, Oceania & Antarctica

Kit contents and notes

Areas included in this kit are: Fiji Islands, Hawaiian Islands, Marianas Islands.

This kit consists of 1 container of artifacts, 1 container of resources based on the universal 12 themes and a book bag.


Lava Rock from Hawaii

Traditional Temple from Fiji

Flag of Fiji

Frangipani Leis

Cooking Implements

Carved Wooden Scoop

Cowrie Shell Necklace

Bag or Purse

Carved Wooden Spoons

Samoan Currency

Carved Cow

Samoan Little Hats

jewelry Made for Tourists

Hula Dancer

Tapa Cloth Pouch

Currency form Fiji

Grass Skirt

Links to Artifact Images


Vagabond"s House

Don Blanding's Vagabond's House is a collection of short stories set in the pacific islands

Blue Horizons

Blue Horizons has been prepared by the special Publications Division National Geographic Society. This book features information and beautiful images of the many Pacific Islands.

Pagdiriwang 2

This book features stories of Filipino rites and rituals


This book by Glen Grant features Ghost Stories set in Hawaii.

Families of the World

This Book by Helene Tremblay details the daily lives of the Pacific Islanders.

Editor's Biography

This Libguide was created by Adam Capes and Nickolas Nixon. Both Adam and Nick are seniors at Indiana University Southeast majoring in Secondary Education with a focus in Social Studies

Kits and Book bag Contents

Kit one includes books, articles, magazines, pictures and letters from the Pacific Islands to help students better learn the twelve themes of unity.

Kit two includes artifacts from the various Pacific Islands. Some of the artifacts included in this kit are pictured in the artifact gallery on this libguide. By using artifacts in your classroom students will gain a better appreciation and understanding over the material. Information on how to use these artifacts can be found in the teachers notebook included in kit one.

Bookbag includes various books from the Pacific islands.



Cook Islands

Federated States of Micronesia

French Polynesia




Marshall Islands


New Caledonia


Northern Mariana Islands

Papua New Guinea


Pitcairn Islands

Republic of Palau (Belau)


Solomon Islands





Wallis and Futuna