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Center for Cultural Resources - Latin America: Mexico & Yucatan

Includes Mexico (MEX) & Yucatan: Focus on Native Cultures (YUC)

These kits consist of 1 container of artifacts, 1 container of resources based on the universal 12 themes and a book bag.

Country Flag

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Country Map

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Kit Contents

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Kit #1- Highlighting our neighbors to the south, this kit offers case studies and literary resources that link many different cultures throughout Mexico and the Yucatan Peninsula. The resources offer an insight into the various indigenous cultures that are situated in the country. Complete with photos, first-hand accounts, stories, and geographical resources this kit offers a peak into Mexico and the Yucatan Peninsula.

Kit #2- This kit includes many items pertaining to the culture of the area. The kit includes Mexico and the Yucatan peninsula. In here you will find artifacts such as dolls, textiles, pottery, music,

Book Bag Contents

Mexico Book Bag - Highlighting the history and culture of Mexico, this kit offers literary resources and pictures that evoke the culture of Mexico and the rich history. The stories include The Codex Nuttal and Mexican and Central American Mythology that evoke readers into learning more about the history. It is complete with letters, pictures, and other primary sources that offer a tangible peek into the lives and culture of Mexico. 


Yucatan Book Bag- Highlighting the lost history and famous stories of the Mayan people, this kit offer literary resources and picture books that evoke children of young ages and older to learn more about the history. With stories including, People of Corn and Lost Kingdoms of the Maya these stories will enrich the minds of the reader and offer them a way to see and read the stories of the Mayan people. 

Mexico- Artifact Photos

Painted and carved gourd

Handmade Mexican ball 

Flat wax doll

Hammered brass mug

Decorated clay owl 

Painted clay turtle 

Spoons and forks


Woven wall hanging


Painted clay vase

Painted moon

Woven Shawl



Poster: boy with an iguana


Woven mat

Painted clay bird

Miniature Sombero

Painted clay fish

Painted sun


Wooden porch

Straw sombrero

Adobe flower pot

Fringed vest

Mayan Pottery

Woven vest with embroidered flowers

Striped wool vest made in Hong Kong for export

Woven wool poncho with stripes and figures

Yucatan- Artifact Photos

Woven skirt

Yellow napkin with duck 

Woven belt 

Miniature hammock

Decorative tile

Henequen rope

Woven bracelet

Woven zippered purse with embroidery 

2 Zapitisa dolls

Lace doilly

Men's woven cotton shirt with embroidery 

Woven towel 

String bag

2 woven bags

Xul (corn planter) 

Stone carving 

Gray and white blanket

Shawl from Chiapas