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Center for Cultural Resources - Europe: Scandinavia

Resources on Europe from the Center for Cultural Resources, Indiana University Southeast Library

Kit information

This kit consists of 1 container of artifacts, 1 container of resources based on the universal 12 themes and a book bag.

Countries included in this kit are: Denmark, Finland, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, North Polar Region (Arctic), Sweden.

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Kit Contents


Secondary Sources:


WASA (EUS Gen  1)- This book is an excellent resource for exploring the history behind the WASA warship. This information is pertinent to the study of both geography and history. Students could conduct a very refined case study investigating the history of Swedish warfare and modes of combat. 


Icelandic Folk Music (MN add EUS)- This instrumental based CD allows students the opportunity to satisfy their auditory learning style needs. Teachers can play this music in the background to set the mood while delivering a lesson exploring Scandinavian history. 


The Vikings Voyage of the Longships (EUS MN 1 DVD)- This resource highlights the history of the Vikings people, how they conducted their voyages, and their practices and means of survival along their journey.


Primary Source Artifacts:


Norwegian Scarf (EUS AR 4)- This item is a well knit handcrafted tangible artifact that provides instructors and students the opportunity to meet their tactile and kinesthetic needs. Instructors could  use this artifact as a means for motivation in the classroom and during the lesson.


Elegant Spoons from Denmark (EUS AR 9)- These tiny ornate spoons raise questions about the size of the spoons as well as the food being consumed by these tiny utensils. Each individual spoon has been well crafted with different images for each spoon. This provides insight into the culture by touching on diet and craftsmanship. 


Scandinavian Figurine (EUS AR 1)- This wood crafted figurine depicts a young women smiling. The figurine raises questions about Scandinavian craftsmanship and clothing. 


Norwegian Mittens (EUS AR 3)-  with some inspection, one can identify that the mittens are atypically thick and made of wool. This artifact is interesting because with them one can infer that the weather is inhospitably cold and that sheep is a common livestock. 


Beaded Cloth from Denmark (EUS AR 8) This Denm



Book Bag Contents

Lesson Plans