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Center for Cultural Resources - Europe: Balkan Peninsula

Resources on Europe from the Center for Cultural Resources, Indiana University Southeast Library

Countries Covered

Countries included in this kit are:

Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Macedonia, Romania, Serbia & Montenegro, Slovenia

Useful Links

Photos of the Balkans

Corvin Castle in Romania: Gothic-Renaissance Castle

Golubac Fortress in Serbia

Built 14th Century

Balkan Mountain Range- Eastern part of the Peninsula

Stara planina "Old Mountain"


Ethno village - Drvengrad

Ethno Village

Drvengrad, Serbia

Kit Contents

  • CD from high school in Budapest, Hungary.
  • Blue and white Romanian Vase. Bucharest, Romania (1975).
  • Romanian shoes (brown with gray leather ties)
  • Bosnian Pen Holder
  • Currency (Leu and Euro)

Book Bag Contents

  • Folk tale in Hungarian (Storybook).
  • Modi Family cut-out picture book (Hungarian National Dresses).
  • The Hungarian Cookbook
  • Romania (Unique Places of Romania) book.
  • Slovenian coloring book

Balkans Regional Map

Flag of Bosnia-Herzegovina

Flag of Bulgaria

Flag of Hungary

Flag of Romania

Flag of Serbia

Flag of Montnegro

Flag of Slovenia

Maps of Balkan Countries

Map of Albania

Map of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Map of Bulgaria

Map of Croatia

Map of Hungary

Map of Romania

Map of Serbia

Map of Montenegro

Map of Slovenia

Lesson Plans

Field trip simulation (using the different pictures, artifacts, books, and currency of an area/region to learn more about it).

Author Bio's

We are Beau Wimsatt and Reuben Nehrt. We are currently in our last year at Indiana University Southeast. We are Secondary Social Studies Education students. We have included here many useful links, images, and brief artifact descriptions of countries that are part of the Balkan Peninsula. If you want to learn more, then you are welcome to come to the Center for Cultural Resources (CCR) in the IUS library. We hope you enjoy learning more about this fascinating part of the world.

An Introduction to the Balkan Peninsula