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Center for Cultural Resources - Europe: Eastern Europe

Resources on Europe from the Center for Cultural Resources, Indiana University Southeast Library

Kit Information

This kit consists of 1 container of artifacts, 1 container of resources based on the universal 12 themes and a book bag.

Countries included in this kit are: Belarus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Poland, Slovakia and Ukraine.

Useful Links

Artifact Photos

Countries Basic Info

Belarus is a landlocked country bordered by Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania and Latvia. Its capital is Minsk. Its major economic centers are services and manufacturing. 

Czech Republic formally part of Czechoslovakia. The capital is Prague. It has a high income export oriented economy. It is one of the most nonreligious countries in the world. 

Estonia it is bordered by Finland, Sweden, Latvia and Russia. It includes 2222 islands. Its capital is Tallinn. It is 1 of the 3 Baltic states.

Latvia it is bordered by Estonia, Lithuania, Russia and Belarus. It is also one of the Baltic states. Its capital is Riga.

Lithuania it is also a Baltic state. Its capital is Vilnius. Its bordered by Sweden, Denmark, Latvia, Belarus, Poland and Russia.

Moldova it is bordered by Romania and the Ukraine. Its capital is Chisinau. 

Poland it is bordered by Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Germany. Its capital is Warsaw. In 1939 it was invaded which started WWII.

Slovakia it is bordered by Poland, Ukraine, Hungary, Austria and the Czech Republic. Its capital is Bratislava. 

Ukraine its capital is Kiev. It was once part of the Soviet Union. 


Countries Flags










Countries Maps









Kit 1 of 2 Contents

Location 1 Belarus: n/a

Location 2 Czech Republic:

  1.  Liturgie‚Äč
  2. Picture
  3. Typical Czech restaurant
  4. The Best of Czech Folklore
  5. Cesky Krumlov
  6. Architecture in Bohemia
  7. Cesky Krumlov
  8. The Czech Republic Today
  9. An Architectural Wonderland
  10. The Cheapest Place on Earth
  11. Kulture Bakanligi 
  12. The Loretto of Prague
  13. Cesky Krumlov Town
  14. The Czech Republic
  15. 7 pictures of places in Czech Republic
  16. Guide to Czechoslovakia
  17. Prague
  18. Ivan Martin dies

Location 3 Estonia:

  1. The Baltic Guide
  2. Estonia steps forward
  3. Magnet
  4. 2 Angels
  5. Calendar
  6. Learn about your destination packet
  7. Children's book
  8. Estonian magazine
  9. Church service in Estonia
  10. Tallinn, free map made by the locals
  11. Kumu
  12. Let's Speak Estonian
  13. 2 tags to clothing
  14. Receipts

Location 4 Latvia:

  1. Riga is Ready
  2. Latvia
  3. Children's book
  4. National Geographic Kids
  5. Artuma
  6. Let's Speak Latvian
  7. 13 brochures or packets
  8. 3 tickets
  9. Kukbuk restaurant Business card
  10. Siltraksti family house postcard
  11. Salmini packet
  12. Strepsils package
  13. Receipts 
  14. Love, Life, Latvia

Location 5 Lithuania: 

  1. 3 candy wrappers
  2. Rugine varna
  3. Maldynas Vaikams
  4. Vilnius
  5. 8 little labels/cards/tickets
  6. 15 brochures/cards/maps
  7. Receipts

Location 6 Moldova

  1. Global Universal Sheet Moldova

Location 7 Poland:

  1. ECSinfo
  2. Warsaw on the rise
  3. Dziecie, Ca Zagorda
  4. Pafac w Ieznie
  5. Manu
  6. Muzeum Kultury Lodowej...
  7. Muzeum Wsi Slowinskiej W Klukach
  8. Galeria Ora Bizuterii
  9. 2 postcards
  10. Warszawa Centrum
  11. Astronomer Copernicus is reburied as a hero
  12. Poznan Centrum
  13. Death of an Icon
  14. Apostot
  15. Poland
  16. Malta Festival
  17. The Wawel Royal Castle 
  18. Restaurant menu
  19. A dialog
  20. Muzeum Zamkowe W Malborku
  21. Campanile
  22. Poland
  23. Poland
  24. Metro
  25. Newspaper
  26. Aussergewohnliches aus Malopolska und Krakau
  27. Mauermuseum Museum 
  28. Novotel Olsztyn
  29. Welcome to Campanile Katowice
  30. Niku
  31. Kulture-Kalander
  32. Warszawa
  33. The castle in kornik
  34. The Tenement
  35. Poland a Tourist Map
  36. Museums in Poland
  37. Poland Warsaw
  38. Panorama of the Tatras
  39. Janusz Korczaks Warsan

Location 8 Slovakia:

  1. Slovakia
  2. Slovakian magazine
  3. Slavic
  4. Panorama
  5. Pictures of Prague
  6. Autokempimgy

Location 9 Ukraine:

  1. Dialogue across the ocean
  2. Envelope
  3. Ukraine paper
  4. Vilnius
  5. Yevshan Ukrainian Catalog
  6. Ukraine and Ukrainians
  7. Ukrainian-American Academic Association of California
  8. The Study of Ukrainian History
  9. A forgotten Holocaust in Ukraine 
  10. Kiev
  11. Children's Bible
  12. Children's Library
  13. Book exchange reciepts
  14. Ukraine: Fighting for its soul after 25 years of freedom
  15. Provide tools and training to Ukraine farmers

Page Created by Teacher Candidates

Wesley Tutt enjoys investigating history with his students and helping them build valuable critical thinking skills while empathizing with others from the past and present. His goal is to influence students into becoming global citizens who take positive action for a better and more empathetic society. He is also a Francophile who loves sharing this passion with students as they begin to widen their horizons through learning a new language. 

Kit 2 of 2 Contents


  1. map
  2. The best of Eastern Europe
  3. Prague
  4. Music club
  5. 2014 passage to Eastern Europe
  6. Slavic information sheet
  7. Slavic recipes

MadiaNotebook (MN):

  1. 2 coins
  2. Pictures
  3. Picture and label from a can

Artifacts (AR):

  1. Nesting box
  2. Magnum
  3. Christmas Ornament
  4. Wall Plaque
  5. Coffee
  6. Religious Medallion
  7. Chocolate
  8. Dish
  9. Painted Wooden Plaque
  10. Pen
  11. Warszawa 
  12. Photos of Prague
  13. Poland Juice
  14. Bag
  15. Painted Picture
  16. Bag
  17. Poland Calendar
  18. n/a
  19. Tea set
  20. Soap
  21. n/a
  22. Vukica Stankovic
  23. Polish Coins
  24. Bowl Poland

Book bag (BB):

  1. Fairy Tales Marchen
  2. Florians Wundersame Reise Uber Die Tapete
  3. La Vaca Que Se Comia El Arco Iris