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Center for Cultural Resources - Europe: United Kingdom

Resources on Europe from the Center for Cultural Resources, Indiana University Southeast Library

Kit Informaion

This kit consists of 1 container of artifacts, 1 container of resources based on the universal 12 themes and a book bag.

Countries included in this kit are: Great Britain (England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland), and Ireland.

Useful Links

Useful Links


Here are a few useful links that can enhance the classroom activities. The links include a brief overview of the countries located in the kit, and also give students the ability to take a virtual tour of different places throughout the United Kingdom.



Elite Tray (Artifact 2)

British Doll/Palace Guard (Artifact 21)

Royal Family Line Poster (Artifact 19)

Irish Shamrock (Artifact 3)

Castles of Scotland/Tea Towel (Artifact 29)

Postcards of Buckingham Palace (Artifact 22)

The Scottish Clans and their Tartans

Scottish to English/English to Scottish translation book

England - Photo Book

Out of Ireland

United Kingdom Flag

United Kingdom Maps

United Kingdom

Kit Contents

United Kingdom Kit Contents

  1. Elite Tray (Artifact 2)
    1. It shows the status of the owner/ Societal rank
    2. Discover what the uses of the tray are
    3. British design/ English Speaking citizen
    4. The design could represent symbols of the region and play a significant role in society.

Uses in the classroom: To show how higher members of society live, and understand the significance of the art of the United Kingdom.

  1. British Doll/ Palace Guards (Artifact 21)
    1. It shows the location of the Queen’s Palace
    2. A life of dedication and loyalty to the status of the queen
    3. Hands on experiences
    4. Relate it to the history of the guard and the royal family
    5. English speaking
    6. To protect the queen and the royal family

Uses in the classroom: It provides a hands on learning experience for the students. They are able to see a replica of the guards, and the instructor can display it in the manner in which they stand. It also allows instructors to discuss the royal family and how their status influences the loyalty of the guards.

  1. Royal Family Line Poster (Artifact 19)
    1. Illustrates the lineage of the royal family of England
    2. It includes the birth and deaths of those involved in the chart
    3. The poster includes the crests of each line in the family
    4. Discusses how the families originated and where they are now
    5. English speaking language
    6. Shows the transition of power
    7. Includes the lengths of the rule

Uses in the classroom: Allows instructors to dive into the royal families. It can be used as a timeline of the power transfers. Students are given a visual off long and deep family lines run. It also allows instructors to highlight key Kings and Queens throughout the history of England.

  1. Irish Shamrock (Artifact 3)
    1. It discusses Saint Patrick and the introduction of the Shamrock
    2. It explains the location of Ireland
    3. A visual representation of the Trinity (Religious affiliation)
    4. Irish/ English
    5. The date/establishment of the shamrock
    6. Symbolism of the shamrock

Uses in the classroom: Teachers are able illustrate Saint Patrick and the importance of the holiday to the Irish people. It also provides the values of the people and how illustrates how strong their beliefs are. Although a good artifact, it gives teachers the ability to use their creativity for an activity.

  1. Castles of Scotland Flag/Tea Towel (Artifact 29)
    1. It shows the castle locations through Scotland
    2. It can show the pride of the people
    3. Provides a national identity
    4. Uses of the Scottish language
    5. Illustrates the beauty of the natural world (Images on the flag)

Uses in the classroom: The flag can demonstrate the heritage of the Scottish people. It allows teachers to highlight the key locations through Scotland, and allow teachers to determine where the power locations were during that period.

  1. Postcards of Buckingham Palace (Artifact 22)
    1. Gives a visual of inside of the palace
    2. Provides an understanding of where the Queen resides in England
    3. The nationalism of the British Empire
    4. Focal point is the hierarchal status of the Queen and her family
    5. Landscape around the grounds


Uses in the classroom: Teachers can show students how the Queen lives. It provides an image of status, showcases the architecture of the British, and demonstrates the respect of the Queen and her family. 

Book Bag Contents

United Kingdom Books Bag


  1. The Scottish Clans and their Tartans –“This compact book of 96 Scottish clans and their tartans has been a standard work of reference for nearly ninety years. For complete authenticity the tartan designs, formerly artist-drawn, are now photographed from the cloth. The story of each clan is prefixed by a description of the clan badge and war cry. A useful introduction includes advice on how to wear the highland dress, notes on the clan system, ceremonial, chiefship and chieftaincy, armorial bearings and a full list of septs and dependents.” (From inside book cover)
    1. Use in Classroom – This book is a great visual representation of various Scottish clans cloths, or tartans. It can be used to discuss Scottish heritage and lineage, and culture and dress. Gives stories of importance of cloth and even how to wear. Could create discussion about what students families could use as their “cloth” or tartan.
  2. Scottish to English/English to Scottish – Although a simple translation book for English/Scottish, its usability is exemplified in its simplicity. Also included is a list of public holidays, dress, and laws.
    1. Use in Classroom – The simplicity of this book is great for usability in the classroom. Gives insight into a people’s language. The book can be used along with Scottish literature to help in translation, especially with ELL. With the inclusion of the laws, holidays and dress, it can used to make tour guide pamphlets as an activity in the classroom.
  3. England – Is a giant picture book showcasing England’s many natural and rural beauties. From its architecturally beauty in its castles and churches to its haunting solemnity of Stonehenge, England photos give the feeling of being immersed in all the beauty that England has to offer.
    1. Use in Classroom – The obvious use of this book is to showcase the varying landscapes, cities, natural wonders, and even a glimpse into the lives and culture of England. Students can make inferences from the photos about the areas and how they are utilized, how people live there, the climate, flora, fauna, etc.
  4. Out of Ireland – “A moving portrayal of Irish emigration to the United States…stories of several individual immigrants, using the actual letters they wrote home to Ireland describing their experiences in the New World…110 riveting and rarely seen photographs and illustrations…” (From inside book cover)
    1. Use in Classroom Out of Ireland is a great resource for firsthand accounts of individuals leaving Ireland, and the factors that pushed them out. It includes several photos and illustrations that can help connect the student more empathetically to the lives of the people during this time. This book is great for use in Human Geography to illustrate push and pull factors of immigration, as well as the lives of those living in Ireland at the time.

Wales Flag

England Flag

Scotland Flag

Northern Ireland Flag

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