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Center for Cultural Resources: A-Z Resource Kits

The Center for Cultural Resources (CCR) at Indiana University Southeast is designated as an integral part of the IU Southeast Curriculum Materials Center for Education students, area teachers, and others involved in diversity education.

Resource Kits A-Z

AAW (3) Art around the World

ACS (2) Asia: South Central  

AFA (1) African Americans - this kit is currently unavailable

AFC (2) Africa:  Cultures across Africa

AFM (2) Africa: Focus on Malawi

AFN (2) Africa: Focus on Northern Area

AFS (2) Africa: Focus on South Africa

AFZ (2) Africa: Focus on Zimbabwe 

AMI (2) Amish: People Who Dare to be Different

AMW (1) Americans from around the World

ASE  (2) Southeast Asia

AWA (2) Area Women of Achievement (research)

CAC (2) Central America: Costa Rica and Neighbors

CAN (2) Canada: Neighbor to the North

CAR (2) Caribbean

CAW (4) Celebrations around the World (6 Notebooks)

CHA (2) China: Past, Present and Future

CHN (2) China and Neighbors

COW (2) Covered Wagon (Simulation)

EAM (2) Early American Cultures

EGM (2) Egypt and Mediterranean Connections

EUB (2) Balkan Peninsula

EUE (2) Europe East

EUF (2) France and Monaco

EUI (2) Iberian Peninsula

EUR (1) General European Resources

EUS (2) Scandinavia

EUW (2) Europe West

FOO (2) Fossils and Falls of the Ohio

GAW (3) Games around the World

GER (2) Germany: Focus on Present

GRE (2) Greece and Mediterranean Connections

IJA (2) Israel and Jewish Americans

INN (2) India and Neighbors

INT (2) Introduction to Cultural Studies

Resouce Kits A-Z

ITM (2) Italy

IWS (6) Indiana Women’s Studies (Research only)

       (First Person Presentations available by request)

JA-1 (2) Japan (Primary Level)

JA-2 (2) Japan (Intermediate Level)

JA-3 (2) Japan (Upper Level)

L&C (2) Trials of the Trail (Resources and Simulation)

            Also Trail Markers and Trunk of Discovery

​MAW (2) Music around the World

MER (2) Middle East and Resources (*WIT)

MET (2) Middle East: Focus on Turkey

MEX (2) Mexico: Neighbor to the South

NAE (2) Native North Americans: East

NAP (2) Native Americans: Plains and Woodlands

NAW (2) Native North Americans: West

PAF (2) Pacific World: Fiji and Islands

PAU (2) Australia

PNZ (2) New Zealand and South Polar Area

REL (2) Religions around the World

RUR (2) Russia and Former Republics: Focus on Present

RUS (2) Russia as USSR: Focus on the Past

SAB (2) South America: Focus on Brazil and Neighbors

SAE (2) South America: Focus on Ecuador and Neighbors

SAP (2) South America: Focus on Peru and Neighbors

SAT (1) Thailand

UKE (3) United Kingdom: Focus on England

URC (2) Underground Railroad & Civil War

WCH (3) World Comes to Harrison County

WWI-II (2) World War I and II

YUC (2) Yucatan: Focus on Native Cultures 

Additional Resources by Request

      The CCR also has special kits entitled CCR: Center Circulating Resources designed for instructional bulletin boards and displays: Topics include FDF Fashion Dolls and Fans, EEG Etiquette of Eating & Greeting, WWC Walls & Warriors of China, MLP Miss Liberty and Patriotism, EOG Eyes on Egypt (papyrus prints) and others.

     Most items on display throughout the CCR that are not included in kits—artifacts, garments, maps, timelines, posters, books, research files and a stage—are also available and may be added to related kit reservations.  Some items cannot be delivered via WEC vans.

[Listing of resource kits up to date as of 9/28/22]

Resources for Using the Kits