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Persistent Links & Proxy Link Generator: Overview

This guide provides information about creating links to library resources for use in Canvas and/or your syllabus.

What are persistent links?

Persistent links are stable URLs that provide a link to an article rather than providing a copy of the article. Finding an article in a library database and copying and pasting the browser URL rarely works because that link is usually not stable and will not allow you to return to it. The best method of ensuring you will be able to get the article is through a “persistent link” that you create.  Persistent links may be called something else, depending on the database.  Some common names for it are Permanent Links, Permalinks, Stable links, and Durable URLs.

image of a word cloud with different names for persistent links including persistent links, document URLs, permanent links, permalinks, durable URLs, and stable links

Link whenever possible!

Faculty are responsible for ensuring that their course materials comply with copyright law. Utilizing the Libraries' links to online resources instead of copying the files is one way of ensuring copyright compliance. Using a persistent link that merely links people to the information is not a copyright violation. It is best to always take the conservative approach. Contact Christopher Proctor, Coordinator of Access Services, if you have any questions about copyright.

Copyright wording

Please remember to include citation information with your links. This is required for copyright and will also be useful to identify the information, especially if the link expires and you need to locate it again. Citation information should include author, title, publication volume, issue number, copyright year and page numbers.


This Persistent Links & Proxy Link Generator LibGuide is based on a Rutgers University Libraries Persistent Links LibGuide:  The proxy link generator was created at the IU Kokomo Library.