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Persistent Links & Proxy Link Generator: JSTOR

This guide provides information about creating links to library resources for use in Canvas and/or your syllabus.

Stable links in JSTOR

JSTOR provides a "stable URL" to their articles:

  • Click on the article title to obtain the complete record.
  • Below the journal title, locate the Stable URL (usually under publisher).
  • Copy the URL.
  • Add the proxy prefix:

  • OR use the box on the right.
  • Copy/paste the full link and make sure to test it!

Proxy Link Generator

Create links that include the IU Southeast proxy and allow on and off-campus access to library resources:

  • The link must be a stable, persistent link, and should not include a session identifier.  If unsure, try testing the proxied link in a different browser to make sure it still works.
  • Do not add the proxy to freely available sites (such as free news or magazine sites) - the link will not work.  

1. Copy and paste the source URL here:


3. Copy and use the resulting link:

4. to make another link.


Note: JavaScript must be enabled in your browser in order to use this tool. If you encounter any problems with this tool, please contact Kate Moore.


This Persistent Links & Proxy Link Generator LibGuide is based on a Rutgers University Libraries Persistent Links LibGuide:  The proxy link generator was created at the IU Kokomo Library.